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Tampa Hospital

There are 19 orthopaedic Shriners Hospitals and four Shriners Burns Institutes throughout North America, all dedicated to providing expert, specialized medical care to children under 18, absolutely free of charge.

Shriner and Child

If you know of a child Shriners Hospitals might be able to help, please call one of our toll-free patient referral lines between 8:00.a.m. and 5:00.p.m. Eastern Time.

In the United States:
In Florida:
In Canada:
n Sarasota:
Ext. 317
Ken Clark

Sahib Shriners
Hospital Chairman
Email: Transport@

Email: Special address
just for teenagers
wanting more


Sahib Shriners Official Monthly Publication

The Sahib Reporter is distributed to over 1,500 readers monthly, except July, and is our official publication. The Reporter has won an Honorable Mention in the Imperial Shrine Dromedary Awards every year from 1996 to 2007, plus 2012 and took first place in our category in 1998, 1999 and 2011. All files use Adobe Acrobat, and are highly compressed to reduce the file size, so images do not represent the quality of the printed magazine. The typical file size is about 2-4 megabytes. Starting with the October 2017 issue, files are full resolution, typical file size is 15 megabytes.  You can read the Reporter online via, Click Here for the entire library or click on the next to a specific issue, to view that issue.

Sahib Shriners Reporter Magazine Sales Brochure
Includes everything needed to inform potential advertisers in our Reporter magazine, including pricing, a sales contract and mechanical specifications.
Check here to download Adobe Acrobat version (298KB):

Contact our advertising office:
Phone: (941) 366-4449 Ext. 300

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