The Balloon Man
by Jack Colpas 2001

Whenever youíre at the circus,
Thereís one guy sure to make you laugh.
Heís the one who turns a pink balloon,
Into an elegant giraffe.

He huffs and puffs and twists and turns,
And much to your surprise,
The balloon becomes a creature,
Right before your eyes.

Youíll know him by his funny hat,
Checkered socks and big red nose,
He carries a pocketful of balloons,
Wherever it is he goes.

He is quick to spot a frightened child,
Or one thatís out of place,
He grabs a balloon and quick as a wink,
Thereís a smile upon their face.

A pirateís sword, a purple dog,
A hat upon your head,
A simple flower, a pair of shades,
An apple - green or red.

His creations are not cast in stone,
So they donít last too long,
But they live on in memory,
Like the verses of a song.

You might think the lion tamer,
Has him beaten by a mile,
But the balloon man has it best of all,
For he makes the children smile.

Dedicated to the Balloon Man, Faino Blevins.

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