George Ledbetter

George Ledbetter was born February 19,1913, in St. Louis, Missouri, he passed away on January 18, 2001 in Sarasota, Florida.

George and his wife, Nita have three daughters, one son and ten grand-children, George attended elementary and high school in St Louis, Mo. and during his boyhood days growing up he worked a at many various jobs in St. Louis and learned how it was to come up the hard way, and to realize the importance of working long hours for the small wages at that time.

George thought of his future in medicine and then worked at a local undertaking establishment, later obtaining his Embalmers and Funeral Directors Licenses in the State of Mo. At this time George's father, John urged him to come into his electrical contracting business where he furthered his studies and became a Registered Professional Electrical Engineer in the State of Mo.

George started his own business in 1938, and George and his father continued to have a great relationship. George was owner and president of his company 'Joleco Corp.", manufacturing fluorescent lighting fixtures distributed nationwide.

During World War II, after Pearl Harbor, George was invited by the National Production Authority in Washington, DC to become a member of the Industry Advisory Committee on Strategic Materials. George was a prime contractor for the Army Air Corps at Wright Field, Dayton Ohio. He redesigned a pilot heated clothing rheostat that was a great benefit for the industry.

George was musically inclined and during his high school days organized a harmonica band, played the violin, and in 1949-50 sang in the Barber Shoppers in St. Louis. George sang with the Moola Shrine Chanters and the Scottish Rite Choir and they were involved in the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra at a Pop Concert in Kiel Auditorium Opera House.

George is a Scottish (KCCH awarded in 1995) and York Rite Mason and Shriner with dual membership with the Moola Shriners in St. Louis and Sahib Shriners in Sarasota. George came from a long line of Masons and Shriners, including his father, brother, grandfather and great-grandfather. Also, his wife, mother, sister and grandmother were members of OES

George is a member of the DeMolay and Jobs Daughters Advisory Council of Carondelet Chapter and a charter member of International DeMolay Alumni Association. Member of Kentucky Colonels and Royal Order of Scotland.

He was appointed Ambassador at Sahib by Charter Potentate Illustrious Sir Howard D. Noble and has been a member of the King Pins since 1976

George and Nita had a country home in Eureka, Mo. and the facilities were used many times by the Blue Lodges, Scottish Rite and Moolah Shriners and DeMolay for picnics and activities for boys and girls, with hay rides fishing, boating and overnight camping.

George is still a member of the Board of Directors at Lindell Bank and Trust in St. Louis and with Nita they drove many miles returning there for meetings.

He is still involved in his Masonic and Shrine activities and Nita is active with Daughters of the Nile, and Ladies of Oriental Shrine.

In the mid-50's George designed and built a Shrine Vehicle on a Jeep chassis and the Potentate of Moola Shriners used it in the Imperial Session Parade in Chicago. George named it his 'Calliope'. He has received permission from Sahib's Potentate, Illustrious Sir Lee E. Stewart and The Clown Unit to let it be of used by Sahib Shrine in parades and associated with The Clown Unit.

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