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Sahib Calliope & Clowns

"Mr. Calliope", Noble George Ledbetter (center, with his clown buddies),
has provided all of Sahib Shrine's Calliopes. In 1998 George
donated the new Dodge mini-van and the Calliope unit to Sahib Shriners.

The Sahib Shrine Calliope is available for rent,
contact the Sahib Shrine Clown Unit.

The First Sahib Shriners Calliope
Pulled by a golf cart, the original Calliope First Calliope

The Second Sahib Shriners Calliope
Second Calliope The same Calliope unit was installed in a Volkswagon mini-van, but it proved unable to cope with the heat of parades.

The Current Sahib Shriners Calliope
The Calliope unit gets another new home in the current Dodge mini-van, it went into service in 1996. Current Calliope

Background Music - "The Gladiator" for the Calliope
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These selections are from the Sahib Shriners Calliope

Listen to RealAudioThe Gangs All Here (02:15.5)
Listen to RealAudioHappy Days are Here Again (02:59.8)
Listen to RealAudioThe Bear Goes Over the Mountain (02:38.1)
Listen to RealAudioThe Good Times are Here Again (02:32.2)
Listen to RealAudioHow Dry I Am (02:14.0)

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